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  1. Wishing I could unplay Dirt Rally again to unlearn the driving techniques required to rally in this game. The best part of this game was slowly improving your stage times and crashing less and less frequent as you finally get your grips with the handling. I’m fairly good at this game now but I remember when I hated it and it frustrated me… ahhh… good times.

  2. It takes way too long to earn money to buy a EsCos for example. The long slog in a Mk2 Escort which is so hard to drive fast its a chore & takes the fun away very soon. I am literally a driving god in Project Cars 2, with Dirt Rally?.. no wonder i have a few months gap inbetween going back to it. Sort it out Dev!

  3. How's the difficulty compared to Dirt 3? (I've played on advanced except for opponent difficulty which is 6) Should I get this or Dirt 4? And how lively is multiplayer on each

  4. Bullshit. Dirt 3, dirt 4 and the amazing dirt 2 are still better.

    Dirt should always be arcade based.

    I say this as a dirt rally fan. I just prefer arcade racing.

  5. Another game which doesnt include an arcade option, Grrr.
    Anyways, while i like to test myself with games such as these, I find Dirt Rally to be very unforgiving.
    The roads are far too narrow, and if you drift the car at all you'll lose control instantly and end up hitting a small rock which will turn you 180 degrees, ruining your lap.
    While I know its a sim, and not an arcade game, I still think it'd be a great option to have an arcade version in the game so you can have a blast with some friends who want to try using a wheel with a rally game (G29).
    Think GranTurismo 3 Aspec rally section, and you'd have what I'd like in a game.

  6. the handling is far too twitchy and While I love the brutal difficulty its the handling that sadly makes it not enjoyable to play I wasted £45 on the PS store on this garbage I'll stick to playing Dirt 2 as its far better to play and in my opinion has far more content and better Damage effects

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