Marvel’s Spider-Man – The Unofficial IGN Preview

You’ve probably seen our professional, slick coverage of Marvel’s Spider-Man. Now watch this clown have a go… God of War – The Unofficial IGN Preview …


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  1. We let this idiot loose on Marvel's Spider-Man this week. What game do you want to see him play next?
    Gav, Joe & Dale xoxo

  2. To me I feel like the bags are a clear nod to the spiderman homecoming movie to try and connect some dots for those who only recently became interested in the character.

  3. I still play arkham knight from time to time just because the gameplay is so relaxing and smooth.

    If the combat is half as good as the arkham series and the swinging is as good as it looks I will probably pop it in after I have beaten it just while watching a lecture or listening to a podcast.

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