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  1. Start of video: "Doesn't really do anything innovative".

    Towards end of video: "Half Life 2 uses physics like no other game had before."


  2. When you play an FPS, you already know the storyline is going to be horrendous. FPSs are made to not have an exciting storyline but attract gamers who would rather feel part of the game than actually play a great game with a great story line in third person.

    Metal Gear Solid, GTA, Red Dead Redemption, Uncharted and the like blow these FPSs away and it's not even close. I love online gaming but every game should be created around a campaign/story mode – these FPSs are so basic that you can just put co-op and online missions online and that will satisfy.

  3. Is a great game, but the start of it was kinda meh but after few more hours of play it starts to get really fun, but Half life 2 episodie 1 and 2 are the best of it, but half life 1 still the best of the series, I want half life 3 tho. Valve please!

  4. I just played through HL2 for the 4th time.

    This time I played through it on 360’s THE ORANGE BOX.

    Game is absolutely amazing.

    The level design and weapons are fantastic.

    Way better sound and volume than many new games.

    The graphics are still good so many years later.

  5. Just got this off steam. It has game-pad support which i was pleasantly surprised to see. All HL games are awesome imo, but my absolute fave is the 1st HL, and Blue-shift, and Opposing Force. Nothing will ever be as good as the 1st one for me.

  6. i hope i dont sound primitive. half life still looks beautiful overall. the environments. the weapons. i mean this(besides quake and goldeneye 007(since im not the one who grew up with the original)) is one of my favorite first person shooters. speaking fps, anyone like moh airborne?

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