[FULL] William “Leffen” Hjelte talks winning Super Smash Bros. Melee at Evo 2018 | Esports | ESPN

Team SoloMid’s William “Leffen” Hjelte sat down with Jacob Wolf following his breakout win at the 2018 Evolution Championship Series at the Mandalay Bay …


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  1. Although a clearly biased melee fan, I have to say to all the "real sports fans" that yes, gamers don't have to constantly train their body and bulk up or train for superhuman strength, but there's a lot of other psychological aspects in melee and other video games that are unique to esports. Not to say that physical sports dont have strategy, but the amount of constant adaptation and theorycrafting these players have to go through (and mostly on their own), coupled with the ever-changing metagame incites a different kind of avid viewership. The lack of monetary support and understanding for their game can make it very hard to commit to a professional endeavor. While esports and "real sports" may still have major differences, so do all competitive games whether it be track, baseball, football, skiing, archery, or in this case, melee. It may be nice to keep the perspective a bit more open and respect the effort of others rather than seeing it as some attempt to downplay million-dollar athletes

  2. Gaming shouldn't be named a sport, its honestly more convenient for people since they don't have to riskn their life or limbs. Let's find a new name (edit) what I mean is that I think gaming deserves it's own genre, because of how convenient and revolutionary it has become. I know full well about the gaming reprocutions it has on you. I'm a fighting player myself (melee, dbfz, mkx) so I hope my point was made more clear 🙂

  3. So now we are considering gamers as athletes. Lmao. Being able to use your thumbs on a controller doesn’t make you an athlete so don’t treat them guys as if they’re doing something ground breaking

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