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  1. If you think about it the repetitiveness of homefront is actually more realistic then it may seem. Going back to any revolution making the regime that is under control exhaust it’s resources fighting a guerrilla war would likely favor the rebels as most likely this regime will be smaller than the overall population that disagrees with it therefore, a war of attrition is more favorably to the rebels as they can just hold and make war as long as possible. I don’t disagree that it’s repetitive and sometimes annoying but it’s realistic in some ways. Cause the enemy enough hurt that they will longer want to be there

  2. I'm smelling some really bad bullshit here. This game is actually good on most of the points he covered, he just wants to be an A-hole because this game is made for mostly stealth, and hit and run tactics, not just blowing up everything you see.

  3. Check out my playthrough of Homefront: The Revolution if you want to see more than just a 5-minute review. Game has been patched, performs well for a CryEngine game, and has a decent story that is concluded with some great dlc.

  4. I just finished this game and I have to say that everything works pretty well now, it seems like they've taken care of all the bugs and issues. The reason why I didn't like this game is because of the stealth areas. It doesn't feel like you can fight your way out of situations, if the alarm goes off you HAVE to run away and hide. It is also quite difficult to remain stealthy because there aren't any fun stealth mechanics. I just don't enjoy that kind of gameplay.

  5. yup alla this, including ally AI spawning right in front of me AS IM SHOOTING! also, im fighting with a PS4 controller thats bugged because everytime i zoom in, it makes me walk forward when im no where near the left movement stick. very bad in a stealth shooting game.

  6. I actually found Home front the revolution pretty fun, I really enjoyed the game play and how you can customize your weapons and have a fair amount of choices of what weapons you'll use. I really enjoyed the locations and how you spark the revolution in them.

  7. On my opinion, i really enjoy homefront. It’s just so underated, and now that it has gotten a patch it’s even better.I loved playing games like Borderlands and far cry, and if you enjoyed playing those games, then don’t be afraid to buy homefront.

  8. Really unfortunate. I always loved the idea of fighting North Korea and always thought this game looked cool. Guess that saves me some time and money.

  9. Its very easy to criticize. The game is fun and challenging. Ive had little negative to say. Could it be better? Sure. But what game cant be? Its fun and worth the play

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