IGN Steals Switch Game Review from a Small YouTuber

Dead Cells is a fantastic game that only just recently released on Nintendo Switch. A Youtuber by the name of Boomstick Gaming did a review of the game in …


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  1. Yeah, Filip seems like a nice guy, but if IGN decides that he did plagiarize the review (and it definitely does look that way), he should be fired. If you're a video game journalist/reviewer (or any kind of entertainment journalist/reviewer), plagiarism is one of the worst ethical things you can do. Not only are you stealing and profiting from other people's work without their permission, you're also abusing the public trust you've garnered and as a result permanently damaging your brand and the brand of the company that you work for. Frankly, IGN would be foolish to keep him on. From now on, any review that comes out with Filip's name is automatically going to stir up controversy and raise questions about its legitimacy. If he admits it or if the evidence is overwhelmingly convincing, IGN won't have a choice.

  2. I usually watch ign reviews and I used to watch fillip's channel, so I'm extremely disappointed in him. I don't think I can watch him again after this. I don't think he should be fired because everyone deserves a second chance but he should have a huge consequences.

  3. The thing is that I actually know this youtuber! he seemed like a cool guy and would never think he'd be the one to do such a thing. Its a shame.

  4. I just have a question about the entire issue. Filip definitely seems wrong here, but why have Boomstick gaming posted his review so early? Shouldn't there be a embargo which usually prevent this type of stuff from happening?

  5. This whole situation sucks. Obviously it’s sucked for Boomstick Gaming (sub to him here: https://www.youtube.com/user/klinechur ), and naturally it sucks for IGN, who hired a guy straight out of the Nintendo YouTube community who turned around and screwed a fellow YouTuber and his employer at the same time, and maybe draws into question the integrity of Nintendo Youtubers in general.

    Thanks for that, Filip. Ug.

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