Huawei overtakes Apple to become number 2 smartphone vendor in Q2 2018 …


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  1. you know why aleins didnt visit earth yet
    well , because people still buy apple products and defend a company that only steal money from its costumers

  2. Honor Play is a game changer for the word value for money…if Huawei can deliver more devices like this they can beat any brand…on this list?

  3. Currently watching this video from a P20 Pro. Despite living in the US, I actually bought it when I was visiting Canada. Great phone with one of the best cameras in my experience.

  4. Here in Dominican Republic a lot of people have Huawei phones. They are widely advertised and when my current phone officially dies I´m definitely getting one of those.

  5. If the compatibility of Apple products with other things in the marketplace wasn't an issue I think a lot more people would enjoy it.

  6. Huawei sells greatly in the African market is compared to Apple because their products are very affordable as compared to Apple … So I can truly agree and understand why that might be so

  7. im giving up on apple , coming from a major apple fan boy ,
    apple is nothing without stevejobs ,
    im glad this is happening , hope they start thinking outside the box , or else im switching

  8. yyyup… Oneplus was on people's needs and now Huawei is, AND as always people are on Apple's need, HOT NEWS¬ Huawei launched a new "budget smartphone" with KIRIN 970 and AI chipset in it for 300$ (honor play). Poor American fellows (buddies), eat "apple" pies.

  9. Using Huawei phones for 5 years straight and i can not think about switching to other smart phone brand because they do not have perfect device for budget and mid range.

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