Fired IGN Writer’s Slimey ‘Apology’ Is Cringe AF

Layyyyymeeeennn Just when we thught the whole IGN plagiarism saga was over.. he releases a video.. then he takes it down… but don’t worry.. we had a copy.


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  1. Psychopathy Checklist:

    – Do you exhibit glib and superficial charm?

    – Do you have a grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self?

    – Do you have a constant need for stimulation?

    – Are you a pathological liar?

    – Are you cunning and manipulative?

    – Do you have lack of remorse or guilt?

    – Do you have shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness)?

    – Are you callous, and do you lack empathy?

    – Do you have a parasitic lifestyle?

    – Do you have poor behavioral controls?

    – Are you sexually promiscuous?

    – Did you display early behavior problems?

    – Do you lack realistic long-term goals?

    – Are you overly impulsive?

    – Are you irresponsible?

    – Do you fail to accept responsibility for own actions?

    – Have you had many short-term marital relationships?

    – Do you have a history of juvenile delinquency?

    – Have you experienced a revocation of conditional release?

    – Do you display criminal versatility?

  2. 4:25 damn just say they did a good job… Lol what do you mean they did "Pretty Good" What else are they suppose to do? Shutdown their company, they did everything right… they handled it well… period…People are way too hard on IGN, one of the biggest and best video game review companies in the business and its silly

  3. Regarding the 'editorial lead' business – he just means that he was responsible for editing it himself, rather than someone else above him. He said as much on twitter.

  4. You guys fell into the same trap that so many others fell into. Believe Filip's claim that his family has been harassed. He was piling bs on top of bs trying to deflect everything and somehow nobody thought to question that one aspect.

  5. This was great!! Man Filip is a slimy AF conartist. That guy doesnt even have Nintendo knowledge.. he cashed in on the the Nintendo hype on his youtube channel… guy is a fraud.

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