My Final Word on Filip Miucin, Stolen Reviews, and IGN Plagiarism – Rant Video

The last week has been a total mess but I wanted to rant to sum up my final thoughts on everything involving my friend Filip and everything that has happened …


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  1. Just wanted to speak on this one final time since all the new evidence came up against him and people are asking how I feel. Sorry if this made your day a bit more somber. Have a good one and much love.

  2. Always hated Filip cause he seemed fake as shit and it turned out he's been doing this shit BEFORE he even came to IGN , honestly couldn't be happier he's getting what he deserves

  3. It takes courage to make videos on such a difficult topic, especially when you knew the guy personally. Good on you, DreamcastGuy. Much love and appreciation, keep up the great videos!

  4. Nice people can sometimes do bad things.
    We’re all flawed and have dark parts in our lives.
    We can be perfect in all areas but one but it’s sometimes a BIG one.

  5. You know man, this channel is so underrated. You are an incredible and dedicated reviewer but when you do videos like this giving insight into different subject matters of life, it shows your wisdom and life experience which is beautiful. Keep it up man. Will always be a fan brother.

  6. One time, I worked with this one guy, who finally became manager and after a few years, left the place. Then one day, I saw his face on the news where he escaped jail, after being convicted for killing his father.

    I was like WTF!!! I thought I knew him. Never, in my life, would have thought he was able to kill someone. ?

  7. Violation of trust is a brutal thing. The bright side is now you know. Not everyone (in my opinion) is a scumbag and most people aren’t evil. You’ve gotta take the hit and move forward. Learn from the experience but never let it change you. Good video.?

  8. Actually thank you for making this video and giving your honest opinion. Filip's disingenuous "apology" really showed his true colours when he didn't apologise to Boomstick, didn't admit to plagiarising and threw shade at other journalists. He basically did make his youtube channel as a resume to work at IGN so you are probably right when you say he used you and other people as a stepping stone to get there.

  9. As hard as it is to say it, Filip isn’t a true reviewer as I once thought. When he got hired at IGN it was such a crazy step in his fake career. Thanks for making this response vid

  10. Oh don’t be so hard on him!!! So what he made a small mistake his a very talented guy!!! People need to forgive and forget!!!! Let him learn from this minor mistake and let him get on

  11. Filip really fucked up. I hope he grows and maybe even redeem himself as a YouTuber, but that crappy apology video just made things harder..

  12. I totally get where you're coming from on here.
    It's tricky because so much of life is arguably about "using people" (to put it very crudely). You could argue I use my friends to have a good time, feel loved, appreciated, needed, etc… But more optimistically: we do have legitimate friendship, and I don't feel like I'm using them. I try to be aware of this so often, but my intentions, and others' perceptions could certainly not line up at times.
    Coming back to Filip and how you specifically feel, Max, it's impossible to fully know intentions, and maybe he wouldn't even fully know if he was using you for 50/50 friendship/business or 100% business… But that doesn't change that you've obviously been hurt by him at this point – and understandably so. Especially when someone is directly unapologetic to others they've wronged, who's to say they will be at all apologetic to you.
    It's not worth it to not trust anyone anymore (obviously exaggeration anyway), but these are the kinds of crappy lessons life teaches you, and ideally it will just make you appreciate the real relationships all the more.
    Thanks for sharing, Max.

  13. That actually happened to me many times at work as a manager. I had many instances where they would come to me telling me how they had fallen in love with me thinking i treated them nice because i was into them but in reality i was just nice or being educated and polite to them because thats just who i was

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