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  1. I am more than disappointed with this game. I feel like IGN overhyped this game a lot. I had to quit after the first 10 minutes because it wasn't something for my taste at all. I expected it to be as intriguing as the Telltale's The Walking Dead games. I feel stupid for buying it on limited run. Anyone wants my mint copy, let me know.

  2. i would absolutely love to know what part of the first act had the reviewer tearing up?! anyone else tear up in the first act?

  3. The writing was a lot less humorous and slapdash than I expected. If we compare it to Part 1 of Monkey Island 3, around 75% less. Speaking of budgets, does anybody know what the budget of MI3 or Grim Fandango was?

  4. My first playthrough clocked in at just over 2 and a half hours. Not trying to show off, obviously a lot of people have done it much quicker than that probably, but just to prepare people who do not own it, that this is a rather short game. It is an absolutely AMAZING experience though, and I am so excited to play part 2 of this journey! Double Fine is one of the most interesting developers out there, I think 🙂

  5. It's mega not-terrible. That's as much as I can say. I can't concur with the praise here. I haven't played it, but seen a lot of it, and normally you can see it if it's "hilarious" and super-charmful and the finest I've seen in videogames and all these things, or just, yes, well, we let it pass. I can't see any of what is said. It's like he's seen a ghost of a game that nobody else has. It's pretty ordinary by any measure. But it certainly is not terrible.

  6. This game was sooo awesome! I highly recommend it based on the story alone! I was dumbstruck at the game's twist in the end and I NEED act 2 now!! I can't wait 'til the end of the year!

  7. currently playing as Vella. Really enjoying the point and click gameplay. Beautiful graphics, great voice acting, really funny dialogues and challenging puzzles. Love this game.

  8. What?? No 'look' or 'touch' or 'eat' action menu? Pfff… Indie developers from AGS scene have long had Tim Schafer's ass handed to him, sans 3 Million dollars which went straight into something REALLY cool and game-defining, like … Elijah Wood.
    Oh, and big thanks for Psychonauts 2, double fine.

  9. Despite crowd funding campaigns occurring more frequently these days, still, nobody knows how money is spent on productions.

    3.3million is what this game had cost to make.

  10. Incredible game and piece of art. Better story, characters and imagination than any movie since spirited away. I can't say enough about it and I am very hard to impress when it comes to games and film. More immersive than any fps or rpg. This game is a masterpiece and transcends gaming. Several years from now they will look back at idiots like gamespot giving this game a 7 and laugh because this one will be remembered for the ages. Also this game shows that 2d art still has a big place in gaming, 3d still can not create something this imaginative, this creative and charming. This game will not be truly appreciated by the COD generation, there will not be many more games like this afterwards because money talks and the 1000th generic fps will make more money than this and thats truly sad imo. Thank you Tim Shafer for inspiring my imagination and making me remember how it feels to be young again.

    I really don't know if i should be angry or laughing with this whole fiasco. It's not that is badly produced the writing is done professionally with proper editing and formatting, the story flow is correct and the audio-visuals are indeed solid work ( whether someone likes them or not is personal taste). Overall it is good for what it is( whatever that abomination is) but the problem here is it is not what they claimed it would be and that is an adventure game. This IS NOT AN ADVENTURE GAME. There is almost not gameplay in it.There are only a handful of simple puzzles (use spoon with bowl WTF!!!!!) limited exploration, limited interaction (couple of hotspots per location and only 2 actions walk and a general braindead do all- yup not even examine) and well that's it. Broken age is a short casual interactive movie (heavy emphasis on dialogue/story, poor gameplay) designed for tablets/handhelds ( tablet friendly user interface damps gameplay even more) and aimed at a younger audience (overal simplicity/story-writing style ), and it would have been fine if their kickstarter was about something like that. Instead they lied about making an old-school lucasarts style adventure game for the pc. Given the (almost) final outcome (this isn't even the whole game and nobody knows when the rest is coming) and the whole budget drama ( in short they asked for about 400k and got around 3.4 mill, claimed to have ran out cash, got more money from other sources, amount unknown, launched suspicious second kickstarter for about another 800k-1mill, chopped game in 2 parts) i can safely say that broken age is a cult classic in the same league with limbo of the lost. I mean even the shitty art direction( personal opinion), which they claimed was only temporary placeholder art when the first screenshots came out a year and a half ago,cries with agony "3.5+ mill dollars and I look like that? why? I thought i was going to look like a lucasarts adventure game…"

  12. People stop supporting this type of games. Recently we're getting so many games with endings that don't satisfy you, you don't feel like you completed the game, it's horrible, forces you to buy the expansion

  13. Totally not a 9.5.
    Love the game – it's a beautiful game, great story, good voice acting, great design.. Mediocre gamelay. There are no real "puzzles." At all. It's more "Find X so you can do Y and advance the story." (read: way too easy.) 

    I hate to say this, but it really doesn't seem to be marketed to the people who backed it.. It's nothing like any of the Point-And-Clicks of yester-year.
    It seems to have been designed as a compromise between the mass-market and old fans.

    The whole game is controlled with 1 MOUSE BUTTON :). There is no "Look" or "Pick up" or "Push/Pull." (cough-cough made for tablets cough-cough)

    With that said, I would still definitely recommend this game.. but let's not pretend it's something it's not.

  14. Psychonauts and Grim Fandango are two of my favorite games and Broken Age does not disappoint. The level of writing is like stepping into a warm bath of nostalgia. I immediately clicked with all the themes in this game and fell in love. Tim is such a gem to have in the game's industry, he really is. That kind of wit and insight is certainly atypical for a game and utterly refreshing to be a part of.

  15. This reviewer sounds like he's trying to impress his high school English teacher with "unique" adjectives instead of talking like an actual person, but it gets the point across. Broken Age is amazing. Even the wife likes it.

  16. This isn't exactly fair, for one the guy clearly states that he gets nostalgic feels from playing it and is already a big fan of adventure games, the game will automatically get an 8 for it being fucking decent by putting this guy in charge of its review.

  17. "…powerful themes like loneliness, sacrifice and what it takes to really grow up." im sold on those themes, but as a point and click adventure, no thanks. Give this theme to Naughty Dog and we might be able to get a real game, the complete package with story AND challenging gameplay.

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