Your smartphone is blinding you, here’s what to do.

It looks like smartphone displays are impacting our eye health. Here are a few things you can do to limit the impact. USA Today Story …


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  1. i was watching series on my mobile for about couple weeks.Only source of light was from my mobile and i was laying in bed,watching 3-4 hours and my vision is getting so fucking worse,so i believe in what they say.

  2. I’m always using the blue filter on both iPads an phone till early hours of the morning they advise us to use it so it’s like they want us to go blind ??Thanks for the vid Lewis from now in going to change it to the best settings ASAP ??

  3. I have set my TV to the option that I think has the least blue light and on my android smartphone I use the twilight app to make my phones screen red when the sun goes down and on my computer I do the same so I am good 🙂

  4. Yeah, blue light is harmful that's why you shouldn't stare directly at the sun, that's why staring at your smart phone for a long period of time puts allot of strain on your eyes.

    There isn't really a way to avoid it except for using the feature in your phone that replaces the blue light with something else or getting those anti blue light glasses.

  5. Lol you can buy glasses that have a special film that filters out the blue light. You can earthier buy a completely new pair of glasses or add the film directly onto your current glasses if you have them. They are also contact lenses that have this blue film.

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