8:46 EMOTIONAL Educational Virtual Reality Experience 9/11/2001

Please keep comments positive!) I did not expect this demo to impact me so emotionally. I think I felt a bit like I was a guardian angel simply witnessing …


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  1. Props to you for having a courage to demonstrate this. It’s very, very heartbreaking. After all these years since that attack it’s still hurts today ??

  2. As someone living in the west, I can say that 9/11 was definitely a surprise, but not really anything horrifying or anything on that level. Though, looking and playing this game I can feel what you people on the east coast felt on that day. RIP to anyone that died that day.

  3. God I'm watching this in 2018 and I am fucking crying so much, the pain and despair and absolute hopelessness of the people was shown through a game. And it terrifies me.

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