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  1. I did not find this game to be a success. Very very talented crew on board making the game. Breathe taking graphics and dense crowds. But over all experience when said and done. I'd give it a 6.8 out of 10.

  2. This Hitman is so much more badass .. He's looks experienced and the new one is just so young looking and he's an emotionless thing

  3. said what you want about absolution, but I don't have a single problem with this game, also have the most cohesive story, the best story in fact and to the people who complain so much about this game,purists in particular who like me adore blood money, turn the hold hands features off,problem solved

  4. A newcomer to the series. Played on Hard to begin with and was frustrated plenty of times. Reward was gratifying…solid 8.5

  5. I have been a huge Hitman fan since forever (my first video game was Hitman it was on the first PC I got and ever since I fell in love with 47's grim world and adventures). I feel like Absolution is being bashed on because people fail to see it objectively. It's true, it's different in pretty much all ways compared to the other 4 (structure, gameplay,story etc) it has more of a hollywood touch to it but I felt that worked amazing as a break from the same old we got ever since the first one. Honestly I really think a game like this was fitting in the series, a story that is more personal to the character than ever. A story that doesn't follow 47's contracts but his assassin skills put to use in order to achieve this personal goal. It has an amazing atmosphere, a great world with its own mythos expanded more than ever, great soundtrack, great voice acting, visuals and ultimately a really interesting story. (for the record my favorite Hitman game still is Blood Money, but Absolution follows as a close second and for the third place Silent Assassin)

  6. This game is REALLY easy and it isn't even "Hitman" based most of the time… it just feels like you are sneaking past people. However the new Hitman game, at least for me, is really hard. But I do enjoy it. I just wish I could be better at it.

  7. i hated two things about this Hitman game: 1st, the music, not featuring Jesper Kyd, 2nd, the whole story (plot) an the annoying characters who doesnt look like Hitman characers

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