F1 2018 Review – The Final Verdict

F1 2018 is well tuned, chock full of content and options, and equally satisfying for newcomers and veterans alike. Of course, it has a host of weaknesses, most of …


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  1. Also judging by your driving skills you have clearly never played an F1 game in your life so why are you trying to review, never seen anything like it

  2. Says the RnD is lacking compared to last year didn’t take the time to see that it has a fog of war and their are many options. Poor review.


  4. This guy is clearly blind, and lacking in knowledge as there was a Dec diary released explaining how the graphics were overhauled completely and u can definitely see it as the game looks incredible this year, and a don't intend to sit here for hours typing up just why this clown shouldnt do reviews on the game, typical dense yank?

  5. Seriously my 6 year old brother can drive a million times better than this. Why will anybody believe this guy when he doesn’t know how to drive

  6. I've bought F1 every year for a while now but gonna give this a miss because not much seems different! Last year's game was basically same career as previous game & it looks a bit lazy to me! They nail the feel mind!

  7. The R&D tree is far from simplified, dynamic for each car and changes due to rule changes each year, it’s much more evolved than last year.

  8. How can this be the final verdict the game hast even come out yet, how can judge the game as a whole on a few hours on a review copy?

    Final verdict on this review: bullshit

  9. Loved F1 2016, whereas I felt that 2017 was a pretty lazy uninspired continuation of that formula. This however looks like a proper improvement, and I will most definitely pick this up!

  10. There is no way I'm ever buying a game that has the Year built into it. Putting the same game out each year with a new number on it is the biggest con job in the industry outside of loot-boxes and micro-transactions. Am I really buying a game that lasts one year before it gets replaced by next years model?!? This should be a an upgrade patch to 2017 or it better be a massive step-up on the old game to justify a new game.

  11. i just think its enough for codemaster be holding F1 rights , it should be free as PS2 era , now we are stuck almost 10 years with only one developer for F1 games , same graphics aprouch same cartoon in HD engine…. the differences in one decade it's not that much , we players just loose with this rights being hold for one developer …. i hope next gen other developers can bring F1 games … F1 Grand Prix Championship edition for PS3 still my favorite , just imagine that game remake on PS4 .. or new titles F1 Classic 80's with full cars teams and championships ! so much to explore on F1 world , not this Codemaster copy and paste every year with the new season , if u have F1 2010 and F1 2017 you have the best of codemaster on F1 and it's enough, the new era of F1 cars with halo , the engine and pilots and everything that last on F1 became something really far from the F1 that was , F1 games should also go back , for it ended .this new era it's just not the same anymore …. i even don't watch the real thing anymore. Here's an idea for a F1 game , F1 Legends 70's , than 80's and 90's , 3 different titles each decade with full cars teams , pilots and tracks , the whole championship, as u finish the championship, you unlock the next year championship with cars and tracks , the replay values would be like any race game yet ! better than any career game till today , u start on the lowest team and can progress to choose for other teams depending on the result at the end of championship, and at the end of the full Championships you unlock all teams and tracks in the whole game , due your effort to finish the game . can you imagine ? and definitely not from Codemasters, their graphics engine it's not realistic to be honest , it's just ok …..and off course with live narration with some real english tv narrator , the guy from Senna vs Prost era would be just amazing …i forgot his name ….

  12. This review is so binary it’s unreal. I don’t think Codies games are 10/10 but there’s a few obvious oversights. Firstly complaining about the amount of customisation there is.. car setup, settings etc.. Of which, there really isn’t an overwhelming amount.. When you compare it to something like Assetto Corsa (Just an example) Codemasters games would be far more appealing to new or causal players – I’ve been crying out for more options for years personally. Then to say something similar to “There are many ways to approach a race” and instead of talk about in game strategy options such as tyre wear and ERS management, to then proceed to talk about racing aggressively and accruing penalties; but gain enough of a time advantage to still overcome any time punishments… Which just isn’t the goal generally (In a perfect world it’s actually a non-contact sport) I know it’s not a sim but it’s still a Formula One game – The main selling point.. I expected something just a bit more professional. I feel like they’re reviewing a game that just came from someone’s basement – I wanted to see if it’s an improvement on the last 7 or so years of games, but it’s hardly conclusive..

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