This Won’t Let You Use Your Smartphone…

Are you addicted to your smartphone? Which apps do you find to be the most addictive? If you had to choose only four apps to live with, what would those four …


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  1. I put messages and call into one by just using contacts. From there i have the option to message or call anyone but without wasting two slots. For the other two I put Gmail, which solves all my on-the-go needs for school and work, and Pandora, which gives me a little bit of fun, and is also something i use while studying, working, etc.

  2. To point at someone who is using his smartphone excessively while the others are watching tv non stop and others are gamers and others watch porn everyday. man come on stAWp AlReadY its making my autism go nuts

  3. I download an app called "Wi-fi timer". So I set it to turn on the wi-fi only for 10 minutes every hour. Has been working pretty well for me, as basically all distractions require an internet connection

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