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  1. you're knocking a game for following a genre? It can have similarities without detracting from the overall experience. It's not that new of a genre. I can name a few off the top of my head that are in that same "artsy, gloomy" 2d puzzle platform style. Just because it borrows concepts doesn't make it a bad game. What are games and stories if not altered iterations original content. Whats wrong with being influenced by things and utilizing them to make something greater?

  2. You don’t know what monochromatic means.
    Stop yelling at us.
    Next time judge a game on its own merits and not compared to another game.

    This entire review was useless.

  3. This reviewer is so obnoxious. If he had done literally ANY homework on the title he was reviewing he would realize this title was in production well before "Inside" launched. The devs mention in interviews how they couldn't just scrap the entire game due to some similarities. Look at other recent titles such as "Little Nightmares" that have a similar play-style and ambiance, yet received great reviews. Speaking of great reviews, nearly every one I have either read or watched on "Black: The Fall" has been positive. Instead of judging the title on it's own merits, the reviewer just compares it to "Inside" CONSTANTLY. This game has a wonderful aesthetic, ISN'T monochromatic (lol), and has challenging puzzles, creepy enemies, decent stealth, and ultimately accomplishes every gameplay goal it strives for. That is what makes a good game.

    Edit: I'm sure IGN doesn't line their pockets with developer money by promoting their games and subsequently bashing similar titles in consequence.

  4. Couldn't find Angry Joe or before you buy video on this game so thought why not..forgot every video is them comparing a game to other games and not exactly explaining anything about the game other than its like that game or this game, twats.

  5. How did the reviewer not understand the point of the game?!?! It literally takes notes from 1984! It's painstakingly obvious that this "reviewer" is a total moron!

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