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  1. WHAT??? I'm honestly shocked. This game rocks. Nothing is confusing. It's super fun. Don't listen to this. I'm a huge dark souls fan and this is 2d dark souls. Just like dark souls, the areas are mandatory and you do have to find them. Don't know why it's knocked here. And the mechanics are dope. Lots of cool abilities and loot. Very creative boss battles. Don't watch this. Turn it off and play the game. 8/10

  2. It is so weird, this is one of the only times my taste in games has gone against the majority…. I actually love this game. I think the world, the combat, the graphics, all of it are just amazing. I think the combat is perfectly balanced and fluid. Its so weird when you play a game and reaaaaaally enjoy it, and then find out that you are in the minority.

  3. It's a shame how this review will turn many people off from this game. I find it to be fantastic, rewarding and most of all its fun. The art and music alone are superb, and the details in each area show just how much work went into the overall aesthetic of the game. Lots of hidden items to find and you are definitely rewarded for your exploration. I can't believe they didn't mention the boss rematch system or even the new game plus mechanics, on top of the varieties in the classes and weapon abilities. There are better reviews out there which give you a more in depth look at the core mechanics of the game, as well as detailing some of the more nuanced aspects. This one is definitely worth playing if you are even remotely interested, and as others have said you should not compare this to Dead Cells because they are vastly different in so many respects.

  4. Can we stop comparing this game to Dead Cells? It’s not the same type of game. It has similarities yes, But it has completely different Mechanics and systems….But…. You should buy Dead Cells because it’s amazing!

  5. I know nothing about dark souls series. but I know castlevania series well.
    It looks pretty similar with 2d castlevania version which was given up for developing by KONAMI.
    well…. that's more than enough to me. think about it. why do we have to eat popcorn and butter together? I usually eat only popcorn because what I want to eat was only that. I know spme people wanted to play 2d dark souls version. but don't forget this game is also created for castlevania fans as well

  6. I just beat this game and damn, it was amazing!!
    Great ost, somewhat addictive gameplay and great bosses.
    it can be buggy sometimes and is kinda clunky as well but doesn't affect the game drastically.
    I don't completely agree with the rating, I believe it deserves better.

    Give it a try.

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