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  1. Reviewer complained almost the entire video – then gives a surprising 8.5 score… I just got the following enhanced edition & I cant wait to boot it up – weird review.

  2. This zombie game is woefully underrated, even on an 8.5 score. And it`s huge. I thought the first city was the whole game, until it opened up into a second huge city! Well worth the cash unlike most games.

  3. 8.5?? Needs to be a 10/10, 4 years later this game still stands as one of the greatest zombie games ever made, Techland fixed all their bugs on this game, online is awesome the campaign was awesome(but a little short) and the following was even better, not to mention all the free DLC content drop we are getting from Techland…not just one of the best zombie games ever but one of the best video games I've ever played

  4. In a first person parkour game, a shoulder button is about the most convenient button to map jump/climb. Think about it, how often do both of your thumbs get occupied by the movement and camera thumbsticks, how often do your thumbs react fast enough to press the A/cross button to do the grapple move in game?
    Mirror’s Edge did the same thing back in 2008 not just for shits and giggles.

  5. If you guys think this game is worth more than 8.5 your basically saying it's a masterpiece ???. This game is not a masterpiece and it'd be a crime to call it so. This is a great review because it's not worth anymore than this in fact id say it's too high, I would've gave it a 7. The story is revolting, the combat and free running is fun that's the only reason people liked this game.

  6. Ok so there’s pro’s and con’s I feel about dying light and would like to see fixed for dying light 2:
    – soundtrack!
    – some core gameplay elements
    – weapons felt meaningful and not like twigs

    – story was boring let’s be honest
    – the way the game gave you access to higher based weapons too soon was so frustrating as well as once you do have higher there’s no more lower grade weapons!

    Some improvements I’d personally like would be:
    – alternative vehicles such as trucks
    – a setting in which there’s skyscrapers etc.
    – more accessible and open buildings that don’t require side missions

    All in all it’s a good game with great potential

  7. 34hrs!? And you only got 60%!? Bro, wtf where you doing? Based storyline is at most 10-15hrs. If you throw in side quests that's about 25-30hrs.

    I'm not a fast gamer, I actually invested a lot of time exploring, climbing, admiring the graphics, looting etc. I beat the game at what I thought was a slow pace considering how people beat it in under 15hrs. After game completion I started to focus more on side quests since I ignored a lot of them. I expect to be at 35hrs with 100% completion at the rate I'm going so yeahhh whatcha did? Lol

  8. Bought it a few months back for $15 the enhanced version. Haven’t played it because it looks too much like Dead Island and if it’s the same, I’m afraid I can’t handle that same type of grind just to end the game.

  9. just based on what ive seen, the game looks less like a typical zombie survival and more like Far Cry: Zombie City. Which i still cant tell if i like or not; i think it depends on how the game is approached.

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