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  1. this guy has absolutely no idea what his talking about. everything in game you can get by just playing the game. look how every scene in this review his just got the starter frame, shows his played so little to not even get another frame other than the one the game gives you at the start.

  2. What about now? Go spend 2 week with an experienced clan and let them teach you about the game and tell me your rating again.

  3. wow this is a really good review this game is just another complete dogshit p2w game that's too grindy, boring oh and its also made by crap developers face the facts you can deny this

  4. He's not wrong but I still love the game I've been playing it forever I love the cool weapons and awesome mobility constantly being op and everything being fully customizable but he was wrong about dropping money for weapons although he did mention patience

  5. This was a terrible review. Thw fact that it’s hard to get new frames and weapons is what makes it fun, then u have alot of playing ahead and when u actuallt get a warframe, u feel like u worked for it and it’s like a trophy. And the part when u say it doesn’t explain itself at all is also a good thing. I am tired of easy games whit no challenge and where everything is straight forward, warframe is therefore a game for people with sharp minds, patience and hard work, and i love that. 10/10 from me

  6. been playin this for 2 years and never spent a dime!
    sounds pretty Free2Play to me!
    also, this review's assessment is bogged down by a very old version of the game. it has since been updated a few dozen times. it is honestly astounding that Warframe is F2P considering how good it really is. the main issue though is that getting started is difficult and a bit daunting with the customizing, gamemodes, and community.
    speaking of, the community is one of the best ive ever seen. very helpful if you ask, but as with any game it can get a bit salty if you refuse to ask for help and do dumb things.
    as of 2018, i give Warframe a very solid 8.5/10 Definitely AAA material!
    may improve with what the devs have in store for us! 😉

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