World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Review

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth reviewed by Joseph Bradford on PC. World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Launch Day Gameplay Livestream – IGN Plays …


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  1. I feel he probably didnt even play the game, not to mention there isnt even a raid yet… but you know, madden and NBA 2K, the games that are the same game every year get 9s and 10s… IGN is garbage

  2. Totally agree that releasing this review now is quite premature. You comment on the leveling experience and the war mode. No mention of the end game and the big switch to less RNG in it.

  3. Although I agree with alot of your points, you are completely wrong about island expeditions. Many people like them and they r an alternative to dungeons and a new playstyle. So in conclusion I would say for people to ignore his opinion on island expeditions because it is completely subjective compared to other things he said. Otherwise great review!

  4. Remember this expansion isnt even close to finished. We have 2 years worth of content missing from this expansion. Too early to review. This is like reviewing the first 5 levels of a story when there are 28 levels in total. Content can change and be fixed through soon or later patches. So this review just where the game is now at launch. Legion had a TON of content in its lifespan. They cant attempt to compare to something that actually finished all its content over 2-3 years vs something that just launched missing its content in its first month. ITS EVEN MISSING RAIDS. lol IGN youre way too early with this review.

  5. How can anyone rewiew a mmo expansion in two weeks of releases with out touching the first raid content it make's no since just touching story quests ? Really but ok

  6. I don't understand why there is one animation style for the cenimatics, and another for the actual game. The game looks cartoon and childish and the cinematics looks CGI and mature content?

  7. Oh IGN, you are so wrong. Island expeditions is fun and great when you are playing with friends chatting online. One of the best things in the initial release and there is loads to do!

  8. That was a flat review. Not going into more detail (e.g. Professions, Reputation grind), also not mentioning Raids and Warfronts or allied races. 4.8

  9. i dont like it i have the artifact for the feral druid that i got after it launch since i couldnt get it with leigion since i wasnt playing at the time my fangs of ashamare dont turn me into the other druid form why does it only appear when i tranmorg my wepons to it?

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