CAN WE MAKE PICKLE RICK & PICKLE MORTY?! || Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality VR Gameplay

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  1. why not use that teleportation hack to take mini_rick to the kitchen, maybe the easter egg has a real portal. {when you trow it in the kitchen, you can hear a portal sound}
    or try hammering on the teleportation location selection,

    maybe try the konamicode on both the controllers before selecting a teleportation location.

    or try hacking your way around the house taking various items with you.

    maybe taking some items outside, if you can find a shovel, try finding the grave of dead rick.

    someone else used similar hacks and looked in the grave nothing was there.
    so there might be a special requirement to look in the grave and find the portalgun.
    or when you have to kill 1 of the 2 ricks go to the portal before it disappears, and walk trough it.

    this is 1 of the very few instances that a portal appears, that you yourself did not use

  2. Your one of my favorite YouTuber and combine the door knob with some stuff and see if u can combine the thing that rick had u buy for the plunger with stuff.

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