Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Review

Vicarious Visions retains what made the original Crash games so great while adding a new polish to the first three games. Crash Bandicoot Graphics …


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  1. Should I get it for my xbox one x? Looking for something fun to play. I think I only ever played the original crash bandicoot but I dont really remember much about it aside from running away from boulders lol. I dont think I ever played 2 or 3. If I get it should I play 2 or 3 before 1? I heard they're better. Which one do you think I should play first?

  2. But this game does not have the time room where you walk into door and go to the level you want to like the regular crash. And for that reason this is not a good buy for me.

  3. Many of the levels in this game are just not fun to play through due to clunky controls and frustrating level design. The donkey kong country games are far superior, imo.

  4. I only had two real issues with the Crash N Sane trilogy; 1) the hotboxes were f*cked 2) polar / pura don't control as fluidly as they did in the originals

  5. I love this game the only thing I wish that they would've put in it was a option to toggle between the remastered graphics and the old original graphics to get that nostalgic feel while still playing it on ps4

  6. Best game on ps4 imo. Maybe it's the nostalgia but i thought it was the perfect remake. Some levels were annoying but not because of design..because to make them not annoying would be to change them from they're orignal state making them a different level than the original

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