Far Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies DLC Review

Dead Living Zombies DLC reviewed by David Griffin on PC. Also available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Far Cry 5 Review: …


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  1. Far Cry is about playing your way, or at least they say, yet in the main game they force us to do challenges to earn perks, and the Vietnam DLC got even worse by getting rid of perks and forcing us to be stealth to earn perks, and both the Mars and Zombie DLC lack real open worlds, and the Zombie DLC looks like it was made in arcade. Ubisoft don't know what people want from Far Cry. I just want new locations and weapons, with DLC that connects to the main game so we can use all of our gear. These one off DLCs just don't work for open world single player games. Give us DLC consistent with the main game. They should recreate Hope County as Vietnam, Mars, and as a zombie apocalypse, to make up for these lackluster DLCs. WE WANT OPEN WORLDS. Is that too much to ask. Bethesdas FO and ES DLCs do it.

  2. i was hoping this dlc would take place after the main game…maybe ud have to rescue ur guns for hire and fight off zombies or something but of course we got this crap all the dlc for this game have been kinda fun gameplay mixed in trash

  3. The only dlc I really enjoyed was the Mars dlc. It had a lot of funny dialog and the map was interesting and it was 7 hours long. Vietnam was a one time play through for me and I'm about to try this dlc. Not getting my hopes up. I hate to say that too because I love far cry 5. EDIT: Just finished it, was pretty meh

  4. I liked the Vietnam DLC it was kinda cool but felt linear as the main story you point a to point b and everything in the middle. Mars DLC didnt not enjoy it. Zombies, they tried to do like a left 4 dead game but it was a failure in my point of view. Might as well play left 4 dead. Overall the season pass cost $30, I put my money on FC3 remastered and Vietnam while Mars and Zombies was a waste. I give the SP 4/10

  5. I was so hyped for the FC5 DLCs but I could resist since I got burned so many times with the Season Passes ( thanks Destiny and co. ) and I was proven right.

  6. Far cry 5 was dissapoibting mess and its dlc is even worse . It would be way better if they did DLC/expansion for far cry 4 where we join pegan and fight on hes side.

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