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  1. I like World sure but GenU has way more to offer and better endgame. The only thing World has over this is that it looks better and has some qol improvements. World I hardly touch until they drop new stuff since doing the endgame in that one is mind numbing. In the meantime I'll play GenU while capcom decides to put fun things to do in World.

  2. They should have had Casey Defrietas do the review. "Unfortunately you have to fight the same monsters over and over." I stopped watching after I heard that.

  3. IGN, this was a pretty bad review. "Here's this feature, but it's not like World." "Also, here's this, but it's also not like World." I don't even know why I click on your videos anymore.

  4. Fair review, I guess they know most people would be hopping from world, thus the comparison. For those complaining, it's better to get that information out to new MH players so that they can properly decide about picking up the game.

  5. While MHW and MHGU are very different games another thing to consider is MHGU (or MHXX in Japan) came out BEFORE MHW, so its like doing a review of Devil May Cry 4 and comparing it against Devil May Cry 5

  6. Warning you will have to play through many quests more than once LOL I already had to replay a 1* Quest because I didn't have enough nets? Lazy noobs beware lots of time and patience to enjoy what this Monster Hunter game has to offer. Nintendo Life review explains the game so much better IMO

  7. It's still a positive review, but some of the minor annoyances had to be mentioned and compared to World. I do feel like he drags on those points too long though.

  8. "The now outdated core gameplay" um…the core gameplay of MH is to hunt monsters, craft gear and repeat, that hasn't changed and it's the same core gameplay in MHWorld :>

  9. I been playing monster hunter since freedom unite on the psp. I been accustomed to replaying quests,the combat system and the loading times between areas. Its seems I was spoiled in world but,that just me

  10. It’s always been urgent quests that let you take on the next level star quests, and you only have to complete a certain number of quests at your current level to unlock the urgent quest. This reviewer is so casual that it hurts my head.

  11. This is a port which was released prior to MHWorld in Japan only but has only just been localised over here, I appreciate how successful MHWorld was but seriously, half the review was a comparison to it and ragging on the game and I honestly can't fathom how you even made the positives sound bad, you may aswell just shorten it to "Its not MHWorld so it's not for us" (* ̄m ̄)

  12. Am I the only one who hated world? Apart from the graphics I got bored of it and sold it no G rank or arts and couldn't even play as a palico MHGU over world any day

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