The World’s First Portable Theater!

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  1. This is certainly not the worlds first portable theater. Back in the mid 90's a company named Virtual i/o out of Seattle developed the first 3D virtual reality headset complete with headphones. I was the mechanical engineer for this project and still have a new unit in the box never opened. This unit came with a translucent set of combiner lens with an attachable blast shield for total immersive and came with a head tracker for playing the ole game of Doom. It is like viewing a 60 inch screen at 8 feet away. So please, do your homework!

  2. Just came back to one of your old videos and you're so much more calmer in these videos compared to your newer videos. In the new ones its like you have baved in a bath of red bull whilst taking some sort of narcotics provided by Willy Do. Hahaha

  3. after fe years later they comes with scintifc result that this causes brain cncer or eye cancer or stroke depression this that….completely fooded to evry human on earth…. money to electroni evils, money to medical evils… looser common man all systematic drama.. the scientists knows this will give health problem

  4. It would be better if they just made WiFi glasses for images only, the headphones should plug into a linked smartphone, those headphones that press your head are bad, the small inner ear headphone is still a better design.

  5. For the sake of business and money the companies are creating disaster things which is harmful for human beings….by with in the age of 50+ your eye Vision will go….the companies never bother about it…

  6. Where does this man find these things man? I don't mind still he keeps me up to date with the newest technology so it doesn't feels like I live under a rock

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