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  1. My only gripe is that bungie is doing the exact same thing as Destiny 1. Lackluster launch and with two lackluster dlc’s. Then they release a $40 dlc that fixes the game.

  2. So far it is by far the best story Destiny has told. And it actually finds interesting ways to breathe charcter into previously lifeless NPC's. It's like Cayde dying spread his charisma around to the other characters

  3. How they gonna charge old fans at the beginning of last year $100 for all the content, but won’t give us the forsaken, instead give the newcomers everything with forsaken for $100. It’s a no from me dawg, f*** Activision yo.

  4. What a terrible video, you guys said absolutely nothing. so you take a cut and paste from a live stream and post it as content? I'm embarrassed for you.

  5. I hate powerful engrams, just let those who grind loads of strikes be able to level instead of having to do milestones then be done for the week, everything drops items at 500 max smh

  6. not gonna lie, i didnt even bother getting the dlc i just watch the entire story on mkiceandfire and it was OK until the very end, like WTF bungie you had one job this was no taken king in term of story back like taken a step backwards king

  7. This game is way to expensive to play, I stopped playing after the base game content ran out. If I want to play again I'll have to buy the last expansion an this one smh

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