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  1. Was thinking of getting this oldie, but seeing people say it's like RE4 is a definite NO. RE4 is probably the worst game i've ever played.

  2. Wow. Yet another female reviewer shitting all over a male lead character…all because he doesnt act like the emasculated cucks of her precious lifetime films. Most REAL men are SUPPOSED to be stoic lady. This isnt your usual white knight spineless damsel love machine you fantasize about. Please stop letting women review male games.

  3. I didn't like the idea of this game bc of looking like a RE4 re-do, but i can safely say this game has its similarities but it is its on own game, a few hours into the game and i can tell you its scary af it is hard too, so this is a must buy if you liked the original RE games (including 4).

  4. Alien Isolation and The Evil Within were 2 massively overlooked games, I say that cause I just don't hear many people in the real world talk about them, 2 terrifying games, really give you a heart attack ?

  5. Been playing this recently but from somewhere into Chapter 5 going into chapter 6 it has started to become a series of end level onslaughts/Boss level battles one after another which is pretty annoying as the dodgy controls & camera angles do not lend themselves well to this type of gameplay like an FPS game does

  6. one thing about this game that some people dont talk about is that if u use your mind u can progress much easier than just reacting to things… in most areas there is a way u can use the environment or a nearby tool to aid your quest.. its really genius just watch for it

  7. I really wanted to like this damn game. I beat it on survival difficulty, and while at times tense, most of the time, it just simply failed to scare me. A lady with S P O O K Y arms and loud screaming just doesn't scare me, and after the first half, the game just stops even attempting to be scary, and just became a generic zombie action game. Also, just a side note, having bosses kill you in one hit is a cheap way of creating tension.

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