The Samsung Foldable Smartphone is Real…

Looks like the Samsung Galaxy F (or Samsung Galaxy X) is a real thing after all… WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS… You’ve Never Seen A Backpack Do This……


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  1. I am a Samsung fanboy.

    But I like how people write 'Apple sucks' using their 200$ Oppo, Vivo or Xiaomi phone that are replicas of iPhone X (uglier, with an additional chin!).

    It's sad but one thing is true. Apple removes the headphone jack, all the $200 companies follow. Apple introduces a chin, again, all the $200 ones follow. People use those 'wannabe iPhone replicas' to write 'Apple sucks'! Sarcasm!

  2. Anything that is foldable/flexible has a limited amount of folds before pixels die,color shifts or stretching/cracking. It's like folding anything plastic in the same spot multiple times.

  3. If Samsung were to release a smartphone capable of bending and or folding, it would be the next leap forward in technological advancements since the invention of touchscreen technology. The practical uses for this technology, as a smartphone, would be very limited; however the practical uses for this technology, in other fields of all industries that use smart technology, could very well be endless. Durability alone will be the main focus point for sales of this smartphone, and would be yet another reason for consumers to purchase this device. Would I be one to purchase this new smartphone? To be fair, I would need to see this in action before making my final decision, but seeing how the iPhone made flip phones obsolete, I believe this new bending/folding smartphone has the potential to make our current devices obsolete as well. So my answer, regardless of what we see/hear in November, will inevitably be a yes.

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