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  1. This game is a masterpiece. So many games tout their player freedom and choice, but this one of the only games where I truly felt that freedom. It's just an absolute joy to play.

  2. my friends on console just buy this game and make sure one of your party member has "Pet Pal". every quest feels so much impactful because the characters you meet have emotional feel to them. there are lot of surprises when you go through story. I am playing this game 3rd time on PC now

  3. love this game. I do feel like the controls were better in the first game and the party members don't always follow when they should. I also don't like how enemies are given an advantage over you on a regular basis

  4. The freedom that you have in this game is outright jaw-dropping. Seriously, be creative, throw everything you have at your problem and see what sticks! Also the music is absolutely fantastic, my favorites being "Power of Innocence", "Rivellon" and "Mead, Gold and Blood" give em' a listen!

  5. IGN this masterpiece needs a 10.9.. Iv been playing this on pc the first two days i did not sleep i just lost of time playing this amazing game. The thing you can do are ????????????

  6. Bioware has fallen and disintegrated. Larian is now filling their role in the game development world. CD Projekt is still amazing and hopefully the real Bethesada will return to us soon.

  7. I boring guy the first one on a sale for ps4 but I just can’t get into isometric point of view games. This game looks so cool but I just can’t get into

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