My First Electric Skateboard…

Today’s mystery video (☞゚∀゚)☞ Evolve Skateboards …


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  1. Has anyone bought one? I'm thinking about buying one since I ordered a boosted board like 6 months ago and I still haven't received it… I'm curious what they're shipping times are like I carbon GT

  2. HA HA when u said at the beginning of the video "we have never unboxed a electrical skateboard." Thats like saying we have never unboxed a Phone before Heh Heh THATS GONNA CHANGE! :D:D:D:D

  3. HEY LEW! HELP ME PLEASE! SERIOUS QUESTION! I am the biggest Evolve fan (electric longboards) and I have been watching your channel for a few years now. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it doesnt seem like you like it that much/use it at all. My reasoning is that I always see it in the same spot in the background… Long story long, I have been trying to save up for months now, but something always comes up i.e. dog emergencies, car breaking down, medical stuff.. I dont have any kind of toy yet except a $30 penny board from amazon. I have size 13.5 feet…. Lets just say it doesnt work too well. So, I would like to offer to buy your Evolve Carbon Gt from you. I am pretty poor though, so please dont ask alot from me. Can I buy it from you for a decent price? I am seriously drooling over there website every day, but it is just too expensive. You probably wont ever read this, but maybe your amazing viewers (Lew's Fam) can help me out by liking this so it raises up to the top?(if thats even how it works…). PLEASE! Out of ALL the creators on YouTube, you are my favorite, in second is Casey N, but you are the best person on YouTube and you are hilariously hilarious! Not trying to suck up… Ok maybe. Help a brother out! I will even come work for you as an adsistant if you want! I am extremly tech savy and love to have fun, mess around, and work hard. You have my type of personality and i think we would be good friends, not sexually…. ANYWAYS! I can send you my address, and I have PayPal. I wouldnt waist it! It would literally help me get to work and be my daily driver! 🙂 Thanks man! I hope you have a wonderful life, and I hope to meet you someday! C-Los. PS: PLEASE LIKE SO HE SEES IT!

  4. When you could spend over $1500, or like $270-360 or something for the meepo, its not offroad. more of a cruiser. but still. id rather spend the $270-360

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