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  1. If franchise mode was better and few immersion things fixed… it would be a perfect basketball thing. Add better physics+injuries. Franchise mode needs depth added.

    That being said… Graphics, fun factor (crossovers, dunks, layups), The One, replayability, roster accuracy totally crush 2k19.

  2. even though nba 2k19 is better than nba live 19. i will buy this game because 2k is just the same as last year….. and i will buy this for a change…….. nba 2k really needs competition because they become complacent and over confident on improving the game

  3. Preordered 18, but that was due to 2K fatigue with it's microtransactions, and 18's lower price point. But now they shell out this painfully average at best game, that's also glitchy, AGAIN NO ROSTER EDITING DESPITE FAN BACKLASH FROM LAST YEAR!, and now…you guessed it, ALSO has microtransactions, with bad commentary and STILL a bad franchise mode.

    The crazy thing is that they are charging $65 for this. If it's like past live games, they'll be trying to give it away for $10 by black friday. It's a streetball game, with a little bit of nba thrown in, that is a HUGE problem. The live team either aren't in sync with the few people willing to give them a chance, or don't care about what we think.

  4. I've played each game over past 3 seasons and each year has gotten better than the last. This one is best yet. Best pick and roll game! I actually use the advanced moves in this, very intuitive.

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