Climb Mt. Everest in VR but bring a spare change of trousers Star Wars ▻ ▻Twitter …


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  1. 0:56– "What better game than one that makes me terrified of heights." Working on that phobia again? This is a good thing. One day you will concur it. 😀
    4:14– Geographic senses twitching. You are actually getting some info on Mt. Everest! 😀
    4:44– "My eyes are closed inside the headset." But it is beautiful, Jack. Someone went to a lot of trouble making this. They may has taken GIS data and used that to create an accurate 3D mountain for you.
    10:16– "Oh stand on footprints." This makes sense. The game is zeroing you in the right direction before you begin the area.
    20:52– "Am I really high up?" Yes, but it is so pretty up here.
    End- "My controllers are going nuts. Can you hear them?" Oh! Why are they vibrating so much?

  2. "The people who climb Everest must not be in their right minds" no, they just aren't afraid of heights and have something called Courage and Bravery… And now they are Aaall dead… Hey guys I have an idea, can we keep the brave and courageous humans that show the best of what humanity has to offer and NOT let them die

  3. I just want to hear what the man is saying and I had my volume up, and you made my ear drums bleed, Jack! Lol. You scream louder than a little school girl lmao

  4. Why is it adorable how afraid of heights you are??? I swear, among my friends I'm such a mom friend and I want to help you when you're freaking out XD. Anyways, despite it triggering your fear of heights, thank you for doing it and sharing the video.

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