THE WORLD’S FIRST VIRTUAL REALITY THEME PARK! | Carnival Games VR (Oculus Touch Gameplay)

Carnival Games VR brings an all-new immersive VR experience, allowing you to explore awesome theme park, interact with visitors and play up to 12 different …


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  1. lol I love watching you nathie your so positive and your actually one of the only channels that I enjoy watching for more then 10 mins usually there boring but not with you keep up the great vids ??

  2. That…was… freaking awesome ! Thank you Nathie for share all your experience in vr ! I'm, like, really excited when you upload a video, because that mean for me "yay a new game" ! And then i remember that i have to wait 'till the next christmas to have my HTC Vive… Welp, you got respect from a french dude that love your videos ! 😀

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