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  1. I like how you point out things in this game that have been in the series for years as new additions… i.e. skipping straight into the NHL in be a pro… IGN you should be ashamed. Get a reviewer who has played the series before and can comment on what has changed or what has not.

  2. Looks basically the same as NHL 18, and I bought that game for $10 on PS Plus.

    When are they going to bring in in depth career options. Agent stuff, detailed trade negotiations, team next gen chemistry and player dynamics??

  3. Changing slashing/batting/hitting/blocking height and style is a needed feature. Same as flopping the puck up at different strengths and angles different than the current shots. I can't believe you don't have more physical options of movement with the amount of control combinations there are on a controller. The game should be so much more fun like that but they keep it feeling so stagnant.

  4. Well haven't got a new hockey game in a LONG while. May pick this up the reviewer seemed genuine about the game. Just need to stay away from Ultimate Team, which I hate anyway. Love sports games that have ALOT of customization in franchise mode and create a player or team. Only things I do when playing. To bad EA dont do this type of in depth customization for FIFA, Live, and Madden.

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