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  1. "repeatedly stabbing, but the stabbing doesn't hold up for very long" as opposed to the shooting in COD or more stabbing in AC? I agree the combat is far from new and inventive, but if this had been a franchise title it would have gotten a way higher score

  2. This game looks quite boring, yes the graphics are gorgeous and all that, but graphics are nothing when the game itself is boring, but hey it’s free on Xbox Game Pass, so maybe I’ll give it a try

  3. The bosses are nor repetitive. The player is allowed to learn a bit about the enemy (type) and which attacks it uses. After that there is an boss battle with the same type of boss as the new enemy (type)

  4. the real problem of the combat is how stupidly spongy the enemies are, it looks so silly to have a hyper realistic looking videogame and then soldiers that take 10 slashes to die, most of them are barbarians with no armor plates too!

  5. They should of added a small mini game that had you play as a Roman soldier that takes part in massive assaults on opposing enemy forts, castles or what not.

  6. Seems like the only thing that was wrong and what he was complaining about is that it’s too easy and gives a bad score for it. Sometimes an easy game saves your controller, console, or tv from being broken, lol.

  7. IGN you got the worste reviews ever. You say this game is repetitive well every COD game that comes out is way more repetitive and you give them a 9. Not watching any more reviewa from this channel

  8. you know, I played this year when it came to free games with gold… and I must admit I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would… mind you it was free lol.

  9. Magnificent game. 10/10 in my opinion. Ignore this review. They don't know what they are talking about. The game engine is superb. Best graphics I have seen. Character model was the definitely the best. Varied gameplay. I was like playing a film. Unlike other games, it did not make me slightly sick either. So many games have a game engine that makes me sick.

  10. This game if one of the best games I have ever played, it makes me feel like an absolute god, which not a lot of games make me feel that, and I’m a master a most games I play. This game deserves an easy 10/10 I still play this game and I’ve beat it like 12 times.

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