Super Street The Game: Review – The Beginning of something GREAT!!

SuperStreet The Game is finally here. Let’s have a look at this arcade racing game! Build your ride, part by part, from scrap. Drive head to head against other …


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  1. Yoyo. Please show some respect to the developers because they have already put a lot of work into the game. Tell them or me what you think and what they can do, to make the game better! Pls dont hate on the video because I didnt have much time to create it but next sunday, everything will be normal again.

  2. Good review , does it have manual and automatic? Can you custom the controller layout in the options? Can you turn down the music? Could it be less sensitive? the body of the cars like NFS Pro Street PS3 and mix it with Super Street. But it looks like Flatout had a threesome with NFS and The Crew and had a Baby " Super Street". Im more of a single player so a list of races and activities like Drag b Drift , Circuit , A to B time attack, Avoid Collision mode , and have unlocks for the hard racing would be nicer than a stupid story kinda like Grid. I liked the NFS Payback feature of turning the car in drift or grip by holdin Down on D-pad I felt like the car had four soap bars instead of tires and hate since many developers are using the Brake to Drift shit. Thats no driving skill , its an insult for racers , sometimes I wish I had Xbox for Forza physics but own a Ps4 and I still havent found a decent real racer on PS4. Not even Assetto Corsa that allows you to custom the interior cockpit view " AMAZING" and custom joystic layout "AMAZING" has a clutch like Pro Street "AMAZING" I love Pro Streets car physics and clutch & gear design , you can drift just using gas and clutch and the cars weight. Its not GTurismo or Forza but its Satisfying good. Sorry but I want a good PS4 racer and hope my feedback can lead the developers in a Pro Street direction since the SuperSteet decal is in the game.

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