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  1. I have waited for that kind of compilation of classic mk series, its a shame there is no mk4 bun anyway ive got all three games from arcade cabinet in one. One of my favorites series im so happy that ive got it XD

  2. Having played the PS2 trilogy and MKX I bought the arcade collection for my first taste of the classics thinking I'd have enough skill to play it since I was able to beat all of those ones…..I was completely wrong, the Kollection is ridiculously hard with AI that hardly gives you a chance at all when trying to do the towers, I managed to beat MK1 on normal (which took forever) and left me very proud, but once I started II I literally could never get past the fourth tier on even the easiest difficulty they do nothing but grab you and block every move you try to make, while you yourself aren't even able to grab and certain special moves are made effectively useless as the AI doesn't even give you a chance to perform the button combinations

  3. Just found out that "Mortal Kombat HD Arcade Kollection" was in the works by Midway and then canceled by WB. Then they put out this POS instead. So disappointed.

  4. Mortal Kombat isn't hard, maybe ur just not good at it. And even if it is hard, its suppose to be, its not gonna be like COD that u get thrown into a room filled with A.I that can barely aim. I give this a 8/10, for bringing back THE best fighting game of all time

  5. I wonder how they decide who reviews what. They got names in a hat, and just go with it when they get this guy who clearly isn't familiar with the genre at all to review arcade MK? It just doesn't make much sense. 

  6. I actually have the coin-op games but I am very interested in if they got the attract mode correct for mk2. No console version ever had it correct. The one second cinema cutscenes and music is my favorite part of the attract mode and I have to power up my mk2 coin-op to see it.

  7. "Yeh give that game a lower score because it challenges me unlike every game that comes out now" Games were meant to be heard back in the day. It kept you playing for longer.

  8. These games are not hard I beat all the arcade ladders on very hard easily if your good at mortal kombat it's not hard at all bad review loved this lol kollection

  9. 6? I'd give it a 7 at least! Maybe even a 8! Laggy online isn't a HUGE game breaking issue! And being hard can be a good thing or bad thing, if someone wants extra challenge!

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