The iPhone XR Is Depressing…

The iPhone XR could’ve been a good deal… iPhone XR review coming soon. WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS… Pocophone F1 Review – Is It Really That Good?…


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  1. Look.. there are 2 kinds of mobile phone users.. those who don't care about the specs and want just want a fashion statement (apple users). those that like the technology and is aware of what the device is capable of (android users.).

  2. How come I can toggle 1080p on my iPhone 6s? Which is also a 720p display? Stop misleading people… stop looking at numbers… pick up the phone when I get the chance and look at it the way you would look normally… if it looks good buy it… if it doesn’t don’t buy it.

  3. No excuse not to match the resolution and ppi of their own 8 Plus, 7 Plus, etc.
    Lack of fast charging out of the box and removing the headphone dongle are also very poor customer care.

  4. That's one more reason why i hate apple. people that buy apple products just keep sucking on apples dick and everytime its gets off they push out more apple products and they just repeat

  5. You are a tech youtuber!
    Average consumer don’t give a f*ck about ppi. If you want to see pixels on a phone, you can always find a way to see them. Average consumer want a cheaper iPhone X to have something new. It is the only lcd that goes edge to edge. The iPhone Xr is what android phone couldn’t do ! It has the fastest chip in a phone on the market. A longer battery life than the iPhone Xs Max, a faster Face ID, gestures and advanced software that is extremely well optimized for the phone and the same camera as the Xs… For about 750 bucks. This is exactly what average consumer want !
    The average consumer doesn’t know what ppi means, what an lcd is. He sees a modern iPhone, fast, colorful with a great camera, future proof and the best – I insist on that – software when it comes to optimization.
    If you don’t believe me that Avrg consumer don’t care about ppi, the sales will say it for me.

  6. The reason behind Apple's pricing is a follows.

    You're stupid…I know that…buy this because it says Apple and not (Insert other brand) and you will be superior to them based off the Apple logo and name on the back of the phone

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