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  1. I feel a lot of ppl would save so much money if they were to make a checklist of what they want then go shop for a video card. These beefy cards are a lot of cards for your average gamer when a card from 2 years ago would be all that they need

  2. Anybody that orders a GPU before benchmarks come out is nothing but a fan boy. The 2080 is a joke. 1080Ti performance for more money. The 2080Ti has 35% more performance, but at TWICE the cost of a 1080Ti. Such a joke of a release.

  3. Lol I love how ign actually seems to know what they are talking about even though this is so far out of their depth. Meanwhile the verge is trying to educate people on pcs by using a guy who knows nothing about them lol

  4. So here's my input on the ,RTX Series. I believe this series of cards won't be a disappointment in the long run (But I could be wrong, I don't trust NVIDIA that much). But If that FF15 DLSS benchmark is actually improved over the original and actually really works, the frame rate improvement is actually really something taking the game from around 60 FPS 4K to 80 FPS maybe more depending on build really says something, especially since that original benchmark actually was harder to run then the actual game. And adding that too Ray Tracing may make up for the frame-rate loss and actually raise the game back to 60 at 4K or at least very close, but idk it's just my two cents. Also for SLI I think just buying the singular 2080 TI is a lot more user friendly and easier then getting two hulking 1080 TI's in your PC especially since it's a similar price when prices aren't being raised for demand.

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