3 Signs You Live in a Virtual Reality (and Don’t Know it)

This video will show you 3 Signs You Live in a Virtual Reality (And Don’t Know it). Transcript below….. In this video, I’m going to be sharing with you three signs …


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  1. Aaron, since watching your video yesterday, I've been law of attracting like never before. The synchronicities have been off the charts. Also, I completely agree with you – it is very curious how movies like The Matrix resonate with us. I've always felt the movie was a kind of hint to us about the nature of our reality. Thanks again for another enlightening video. Please continue making videos like this. Much love. xo

  2. Life being game: Its not just a theory or a hack to make things look easier. We are dependent on 5 senses. Very fact that we dont know the source beyond 5 senses, it means its not real. In a true reality , you would know the source. Also, everybody who enters reality has to exit. Everything in this game is in full alignment with traits of a video game.

  3. Yeah tnk you Aaron I wish you where a lecturer in the educational system this is just dynamite wisdom for the young minds of our kids today. Many your positive vibes grow from strength to strength for you in your life as well. I love you my brother kp up the awesome job.

  4. I remember using the focused intent in asphalt 9 farming 600k for scg 2 star intending the last shop reroll before event needing it was over would have the blueprints for creds, and it did. I didnt have enough experince with the track and not enough creds even if I managed to max the car out I wouldnt reach the time I needed

  5. Hi Aaron I love your shows they have been such help for me and it is inspired me to try harder at building my channel and I was wondering if you could help support my channel by subscribing and giving a shout-out in one of your shows I don't know if you do that but if you do I would greatly appreciate it keep up the great work and thank you!

  6. Hi Aaron ? I absolutely love this type of video ???… and you relay it perfectly….It filters in to my consciousness with such resonance, no fear, and settles nicely with not too much mind bending ?

  7. Love this direction & type of video!!! I agree with your observations about the movie The Matrix & why it resonated with people. Are the majority or people ready to take a step deeper and think about the true probability of what you're proposing? I kind of doubt it but certainly hope so. Your feedback will be a great indicator!

  8. Aaron, I sent this video to all three of my kids, my parents, brother and a hand full of friends. This is one of the ALL TIME BEST EXPLANATIONS I have ever heard!!! REALLY GREAT JOB, my friend!

  9. Yet another great topic and video of you, Aaron. I personally have thought about this topic a lot before and the concept of it is mindblowing and also calming in a way. I'm so grateful to have you post such quality content, mate! Much love to you from what in this virtual reality is known as Germany??❤

  10. Virtual reality is REAL!!! Artificial intelligence is taking over the world. The Yoga system explains all of this. This world is maya. It’s all illusion. The truth is with all of us.

  11. We live in maya. In this bhuvarloka we are manavas means mid evolved creatures. We live in gross and subtle but not stupid virtual reality. Of course its virtual reality for you because most of you are not sensitive about your sharira akrara aura

  12. I’m really confused.

    Is Musk suggesting that this reality is shaped by man made code? Like we’re trapped in a westworld and can’t get out? Cause I disagree about being helpless. I think “reality” is constructed by a code far beyond humans.. Also, what about those of us intentionally creating our realities? Is it still possible with this AI knowledge?

  13. Aaron, I like the way you explain these things. But I'm gonna say that the thought of living within a computer simulation has terrified me for many years and has been the base to my anxiety. I know you say not to feel scared by the idea, but what if we have no souls and we just think we do? What if there's malicious intent to why we're being simulated? Sometimes I feel like I'm being watched like in the Sims from an overhead view. I must not understand enough about the world because my parents say I will snap out of these thoughts as I grow older but I'm already 20 and scared that they will never go away. A lot of the times I just don't feel real or connected to other people and that doesn't help. I meditate a lot and that helps but when I'm not meditating I struggle. I just hate feeling this way.

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