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  1. You should lose your job for this review. This is one of the best games ever made in history, easily, and yet you greedy blind fools give it a 9.3… sigh

  2. I didn’t read the books or play any of the games before playing TW3 and Ciri quickly became my favorite character in the game. This dude was on something when reviewing this.

  3. I would give it a 9.3 aswell but not because of the story which kept me interested the entire time but because of those small bugs that ruined my immersion like getting stuck on a small branch while horse riding or lets say how Ciri/Geralt fk up their sword pulling out animation or the part where cinderella's song is cut between each verse and i guess the small clipings of grass n other cliping problems but yea othar than the metioned things this game is an actuall 10/10

  4. Im a "flex" player. I mean, my fav games are competitive shooters, im very used to overwatch (master sr), a bit of cod, etc… (Pc) But i love rpg's, platforms, musical games, action anime as well.
    I was looking for a medieval looking game, fantasy and exploration, but damn, this game is awesome, this masterpiece rly touched my heart. Im almost finishing the main story (last island mision) and im already a big fan of this game. There are lots of characters that im in love with, amazing story (and a long one), amazing views, amazing gameplay, amazing soundtrack, amazing sound effects, amazing graphics, everything is amazing.
    9.8/10 for me, cause 10 is perfection, and this game has some funny bugs xD, but for the rest, im just amazed.
    Even i bought the witcher necklace

  5. This game has great story, graphics and one of best soundtracks I've heard in a loooong time but the controls are a tchore! Geralt responses with few seconds of delay, attacks sometimes make him jump 10m forward and sometimes not, camera pans automatically to some very unconfortable angles and sometimes things that could just use 1 button, use 3 or 4 (like signs… to use them you can: scroll the wheel, press 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 OR use TAB to bring up the menu – it's sometimes just hard for brain muscles to pick the best option), running is very unintuitive with jumps and turns taking too long and having even up to few seconds of delay.
    I mean, this game is a masterpiece in story and graphics department, but sometimes getting about between the story sections and cutscenes turns into a nightmare and sort of a torture.

  6. Hi I have recently been reading the witcher series n I am obsessed with it now. I have reached tower of swallows but I don't have time to read it.
    Is it possible for any of you to give a detailed plot summary so that I can have time to read lady of the lake ??

  7. The only review that actually notices how the story overstays it’s welcome. Great game but why so much story, I just want to get to fighting.

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