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  1. Can someone explain to me how turbo works? Is it unlimited? Does it affect holding other buttons like L2 or L1 as well? etc. When should I use it or not use it? etc. I'm used to the typical meter that runs out after a while and then you have to wait until it fills again. But I don't see that in this game, so I have no idea if I'm hurting myself in some way by using it all the time.

    BTW, what's the gray meter for? It doesn't seem to do anything. The one under your player.

  2. They put in an option to turn out of bounds off, but they forgot to program the AI to go out of bounds. So when I knock the ball out of my defender's hand and it goes out of bounds, my teammates just stand around and look confused. It's so annoying to watch 2-3 teammates not be able to find the ball and then out of nowhere someone from the other team gets it.

    Also, the offensive rebounding on free throws in this game is extremely bad. If your opponent misses their last free throw, it's getting dunked right back in because your teammates will not be going for the rebound. They won't even jump. Or move. So it's actually no different whether you foul a terrible FT shooter or an elite FT shooter, because the last shot is going to be 2 points anyway if they miss.

    Let's see, what else do I hope they fixed for NBA Live 19… Oh, the sliders, which do NOTHING! Actually, it's worse than that. I played a "play now" game, which AFAIK should use your user sliders. Well, with sliders at 100, I kid you not, I went 1 for 30 from 3. ONE FOR THIRTY. I haven't gone 1 for 30 in my life in a video game. And yet with user sliders set to 100, that was the result. I also missed point blank layups multiple times. Any other video game that I've ever played, setting sliders to 100 makes it silly, just completely silly. Not in Live 18, nope, no sir. They're "realistic" by making you go 1 for 30. Did I mention I had my sliders set to 100??? -.-

  3. Neither live 18 or 2k18 are great when it comes to online play….but loser offline players like me, knows superior basketball when he plays it…and i gotta say…..2k is definitely the better experience. Classic Teams, An 80 year myleaugue, blacktop, 2ku….c’mon, that cannot be beat

  4. NBA Live 18 is better:
    – I love The Legend Mode, especially with "First Take" Videos vom Stephen A Smith
    – i love how you HAVE to interact with the press, the coach and so on to get bonus EP, Hype or other points that matters
    – i love how you evolve your player

    – i dont like that you have only 5 main abilities spots….you get way more abilities but you cant use them and it is restricted to the position…i want a PG like Magic Johnson…you can pass, shot, go the basket, rebounds and shoot 3s….but you cannot chose that style of player….only "play like Curry" or like "Westbrook". That could be better
    – the game is not that fluid like it is in 2k…and many things you dont have control over. its like you tap 3 buttons and the animations starts…hmm
    – the visuals are not close to 2k (the game is just 36GB…says alls)
    – the loading screens are terrible, even if you switch from a player statistic to lets say the settings…it takes hours…

    but the all around is way better and sure, the gameplay is cool, but 2k has or had a better one…but thats the right step…
    in 2k myplayer mode, NOBODY read the interviews or the social media things…here in NBA Live, they are important and if you dont read them, that lowers your chance to become a great baller.

    To EA: work on the gameplay, the visuals and the loading speed and you would have the best NBA game since 2k11 with their Jordan challenges.

    Anyway, i recommend it if you wanna have fun and try something

    P.S.: My first NBA Live since the glory days of NBA LIVE 2003. From 2009 to 2017 every year i got the 2k version. Not this year

  5. I’m a lifelong 2k guy. Live 18 has changed my mind. I bought 2k today because the price has dropped. After playing live for 3 months trying to play 2k felt funny. Live is a great game and if ea steps up its game for next year they will make a move for the crown…

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