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See the launch trailer here SOE drops one of the best PC games of 2012 right before the year’s end. Get in on battles fought on an epic scale …


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  1. i dont have any subscriptions but still could play multiplayer in other games like aa proving grounds. oh want to know if its like that with this game also? plzz somebody help

  2. err 3 teams , there are 4 teams, the 4th team is some one on your team that just joins and kills everyone on your team so the other team wins, other words they cheat and its killing the game off, and the game is dining now, some times log in and there are only around 20 ppl on the sever, but WE are SICK of the CHEATING in the GAME

  3. I was in love with flying in this game. But now all you can do is fly high altitudes or fly in low pop battles. Everybody and their grandmas have lock ons and bursters, it's not fun anymore. I do enjoy inflitrators, it's the last bastion of fun in this game, for me at least.

  4. I love games like this. Strategic, tactical planning, and competitive gameplay. I played planetside 2 some time ago, and i got bored of it. But i started again last year and tons of new content was added. And is one of my favorite games

  5. en planetside 2 hay alguna tecla para cuando dispara que no se desvié hacia algún lado? es que e visto vídeos y la gente dispara y no se le desvía ni un poquito

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