PROJECTIONS: Oculus Connect 5 Games Preview!

Projections is back! We’re at Oculus Connect 5 this week to check out new hardware and games, and go hands-on with several VR games coming out in 2019.


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  1. I'm a PC-only gamer and would like to get into VR, but I am completely ignorant. What is the best way that has good quality and doesn't cost thousands of dollars? Thanks everyone 🙂

  2. I hope you guys tear them a new one. Because was a sad day for VR fans who wants a rift 2.0 and a propper sequel for the Rift. It's seems Facebook don't care about giving me or any one who want better resolution and better graphics a new headset. People cheering this makes me sick. The resolution is almost the same as the Go. I think Pimax or Vive might be the future of VR. I don't care about wireless as much as I care about not seeing any pixels and better visuals.

  3. Man this year insomniac is pissing a lot of fan boys first the xbox clan with spiderman now the vive and every other vr platform other then rift smh at least there is revive for storm lands so xbox boys sorry.

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