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  1. I don't really like IGN reviews and this review shows why. You don't explain why the artstyle is worse, you just don't like it. That's not a review, that's an opinion. Secondly, you don't call the bow useless. It's obvious you just don't know how it works.

  2. For me, the only problem with the visuals is that there's too much visual clutter, sometimes I can't tell the difference between a character and background (I've tried watching others play and I have that problem) aside from that, it looks like a lot of fun

  3. The art style looks terrible at first, but after 10 minutes of playing with friends you instantly get lost in the combat and the art grows on you.

  4. It's sad what mainstream games journalism has become. I get a strong feeling from this video that the reviewer wanted to be far more harsh on this game than they actually were, pulling every punch they could by spinning all their complaints to sound "not really that bad". The thing is, Nidhogg 2's art style, along with a number of gameplay changes, work counter to the design philosophy of competitive fighting games and turn this sequel into just another wacky couch-multiplayer party game.

    The big issue with the art style isn't that it's visually unappealing. If that were the only problem then I could much more easily look past it. The real issue is that it's far too noisy and visually cluttered. combined with the exaggerated swaying in the characters' movements and the stomping animation (as far as I could gather) automatically stopping the action after every death, this makes Nidhogg 2 seem far more unwieldy than it's predecessor. For anyone looking to for more than just a casual slapping fight of a game this kind of presentation becomes a hinderance. I understand that these decisions were always for the devs to make, but I can't help but be severely disappointed as a fan of the original game.

  5. Ugh that new artstyle looks atrocious. I'm sure it's still gonna play great, the first Nidhogg was awesome, but those visuals are so awful.

  6. The art style would actually be fantastic if it wasn't for those ludicrously over designed characters. They look awful. I haven't played the game yet but just those gameplay clips made it seem like the new character designs make it hard to tell what your character is even doing.

  7. it would've been extremely boring and disappointing if they kept the old minimalist art style. This new earthworm jim feeling kind of style fits right in and is so much more expressive and fun

  8. Yeah yeah, the art style is bad, but if it REALLY ruins a game for you, your just spoiled.
    Sure, im not a fan of the art either, but thats not going to take away my excitement and fun of the game.

  9. My nephews and I looooove Nidhogg and I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun with this. But in the original, the main characters stood out so clearly against the background and you always knew what was going on 100% of the time. Just watching this video, the characters seem to get lost amongst all of the busy background and foreground elements. I've got no problem with updating the graphics to a more 16-bit style, but the design seems to have gone out the window, and I feel like the gameplay will suffer. Anyway, I'll download it myself tonight and see what I think.

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