5 Best Virtual Reality Gadgets You Must Have!

Love Virtual Reality? Check these cool VR gadgets that push the experience to the next level.


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  1. I have an Idea:

    – Special screens and hologram projectors to see into the game
    – Motion detecters to make your video game avatar copy your moves
    – Special treadmill to make you walk or run a around in a game
    – can decide between real face or video game avatar face
    – Makes VRchat even better

  2. It's kinda sad most of these companies have the person with the heavy accent speak about the product!, clear English for the greatest understanding is good marketing! I couldn't understand any of those parts. How unproductive!

  3. I need that glove thing for those trying-to-bang-an-underage-schoolgirl japanese VR games… you ACTUALLY experience the wet panties… hahaha

  4. Coming 2100: Load VR Games into your mind. Imagine you like "Sleep" and you can make your
    Dream "system" or whatever u wanna call it play a game? Kinda like Watch Dogs 1's AR minigames but this will just have you fall asleep or maybe you just tie yourself to a chair or something and enter the "dream" state to play a game. lol.

  5. Kat Walk for full infinite movement, Perception Neuron for full movement of limbs and torso, Veeso for face tracking and headset and you've got the best game ever.

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