Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Multiplayer Review

Black Ops 4 multiplayer features a great arsenal and versatile Specialists, but lackluster launch maps and bugs hold it back. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Blackout …


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  1. Loved pretty much every CoD up to Black Ops 2. Every release after just hasn't clicked with me. Was really looking forward to WWII as the game was back to 'boots on the ground' play, but I just didn't enjoy it at all for some reason. As a consequence, this is the first CoD I haven't bought on release day and was planning to give it a miss completely. However, looking at the reviews I'm getting the impression that multiplayer has its old spark back. Am I making a mistake giving this a miss?

  2. I find it quite odd that every mode in BLOPS 4 is getting a separate review…it's getting the special treatment
    why not review every individual game mode for every game from now on? ignore the sarcasm because IGN won't do that

  3. What a crap review. Im pretty sure this is Miranda from IGN and she is the worst part of the entire company and single handily can ruin logging into IGN for me. I don't agreee with anything here. In my opinion this is a 9.0 and is more polished and fun then it has been in years. Great maps, great TTK, and a great game in general

  4. Your reviews are the worst. 7.8 because you think 2 maps are stale and your complaining about getting spawn trapped ina mode where theres obviously 2 sides and spawn trapping has been in call of duty since forever. I do not like or agree with this review saying its a 7.8 is just straight disrespectful and not accurate at all, imo

  5. How about a review format for the children who can't sit still for 3 seconds or watch a video before commenting, they get a video with just the review score and an unskippable advert.

    Then return to the normal review format for people who can sit through an 8-10 minute review taking in all of the pros and cons the reviewer has, then present us with the review score at the end even though the score doesn't really matter that much anyway.

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