Monaco might be one of the world’s greatest supercar capitals in the world, but with the Top Marques Monaco event, tons and tons of supercars and other sorts of look-at-me machines have rushed onto the tight streets of Monaco. This year, the Police was stopping almost every car. In this video you can see many cars are busted by the police. A €300 ($340) fine won’t probably stop supercars owners from enjoying themselves..

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  1. Понабирают спортивных авто и катают от светофора к светофору. Езжай себе на трек или автобан и там наваливай. Хочешь понтов – возьми солидное авто и удивляй остальных. А гудеть мотором – это не понты, а тупизна.

  2. The sound pllution is horrible out there, for the peoples who live evryday in an appartment just around, trust me…. thats annoying even with sound wall reductor and best windows

  3. Je dis à la police de Monaco de ne plus pleurer de ce terroriste dans cette piscine olympique. J'ai mis 7 longues années à me refaire la peau et çà va mieux. J'ai envoyé des messages à la police étrangère pour envoyer une balle dans la gueule au Mohammed Dody Al Fayed, il se fera tuer s'il revient.

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