Joe Rogan & Marques Brownlee – The Problem with Apple

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1186:


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  1. Here's another good one, Joe:

    This video is of Louis Rossman, a Manhattan man who repairs "vintage" apple computers. Apple is going after him and others like him because they're costing Apple, the trillion dollar company, sales on new products. "PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE"

  2. People like to think Apple is rediculous for doing this. However people buy them.
    Rethink who's stupid here, Apple ain't stupid, they're being smart.
    The people are stupid.

  3. There really is no difference between new versions of the top phones now. They don't do anything better than the previous. It's all horseshit to have to upgrade all the time

  4. I'll never understand why people buy a new phone every year. Just buy one and keep it a few years, buying the new one is so fuckin pointless

  5. i HATE when people spout the shit about apple being for artists. the only reason apple was used early on for photo and video editing was because the monitors were all identical, and were calibrated properly out of the box. with PCs there are hundreds, if not thousands of different monitor models, which werent calibrated out of the box. nowadays it basically doesnt matter if youre on a PC or mac.

  6. companies don't give a shit about your old products …
    it starts with the battery of your mobile …
    "everyone" is "always" talking about, "…do not load over 80%…not good for the battery…"
    and how can we achive that ?
    1.keep track of the process "manually"
    2.get a 3rd party app that checks the loading process and informs you, when you reach "80%" … but it can't stop the process itself.

    WHY isn't there a software option, that "just simply" stops/pauses the loading process at x% ??

  7. You don't get to be a Trillion dollar company by selling a quality product for a reasonable price. That perceived value was more justifiable when they still actually innovated in the market. More and more the anti-consumer and anti-right to repair actions they take will hurt them in the end.

  8. Apple's products aren't overpriced; if they were, no one would buy them. They have a target market and if you can't afford them, then you're not it.

  9. I always go iPhone because I like iOS but the way they block certain apps and don’t let us use expandable storage is bullshit

    Why can’t I just put music or movies on a micro sd put it in and listen or watch??

    I don’t fuck with ringtones now but you need a degree in computer science to make a song your ringtone ??

    I like apple but are they in no way perfect

  10. MKBHD interviews and gets a personal tour of a Tesla factory by Elon Musk, now he's on JRE! What a great year it's been for him!

  11. Apple just overprices their products and of course the delusional iSheep will mindlessly buy their new phones everywhere. The specs, the cost and so forth don't matter to them as long as there's an Apple logo on it they readily buy.

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