Joe Rogan: Marques Brownlee – The Smart Phone is in Its Final Form

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1186:


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  1. Don't normally comment however, gotta say, I love this guys YouTube channel. His is one of the best out there when out comes to cell phone tech, on the point and unbiased reviews

  2. Thats not whats coming you nut! They aren’t gonna rip peoples eyes out… you will have chips implanted into your brain that are nano fuckin connected into your whole system. And through that, you will instantly know, through thought, what information you were looking for. Or it will be sent to your phone, family, friend, car, home, whatever…just by thinking about what you are looking for…. its gonna be friggin awesome…. and with this nano tech… they will also cure cancer, diabetes, and other health issues…. the future is going to be mind blowing

  3. he mentions a great point. the brain can only process information so fast. implanting computers in your head makes no sense when you still need to communicate with that computer through your eyes, ears, and mouth. if you can upgrade your brains speed, then sure maybe the form will change for how we interface with computers. until then, dude is totally right in my book. nice vid!

  4. Phones have eliminated innovation to a degree. When was the last time Apple really innovated something? When they announced the first iPhone in 2007? That was 11 years ago. Since then what has Apple done as far as innovating something revolutionary? They haven’t. I don’t need anything more than what I already have because I have thought phones have been in their final form for a few years now. There is only so much you can do to a phone. I’d like to see Apple get involved into the gaming world (unlikely) but something new for a change. So please Apple, be innovative again.

  5. I hate when people say that a certain tech is at its final form when in reality they just aren’t able to think outside the box enough to imagine what might come next

  6. I feel like they said phones were in their final form before the iPhone came out and then everything changed. This always happens it is the evolution of technology something crazier always comes out and becomes normalized. What we are looking at now will seem very dated in 5 years.

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